Jobs for Entrepreneurs

You’ve been working for a while and you crave more, right?  The work you’ve done so far has been a good stepping stone, but you’re capable of even greater things and when you look back in 5, 10 or 15 years, you want to be sure you’ve done everything possible to reach your full potential.  So, you’re getting back out there to look for entrepreneurial jobs.

Well, you’ve found Hajoca’s Management Training Program so you’re already on your way to an entrepreneur’s job!  Now take our advice and seize the opportunity…we guarantee it will be the best move you ever make.

Hajoca’s Management Development Program offers you the ultimate chance for the next place you work to be your last.  You’ll be exposed to all aspects of our business, from the warehouse to the office.  You’ll be hands on every day with customers, with products, with a dedicated team of experts.  You’ll be presented with opportunities and challenges, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve in the short term as manager in training and once you’re invited to manage your own business.

What does an entrepreneurial spirit mean to us?  It really knows no boundaries, but here are a few examples…

  • You thrive with guidelines instead of limits
  • You color outside the lines
  • You work best when you call the shots without having to bounce every decision off of a higher power
  • You love being part of a team
  • You love work – hard work, teamwork, work and play – it’s all appealing to you, so long as it’s gratifying
  • You’re willing to go wherever the best opportunity takes you
  • You’ve done a lot, observed a lot & learned a lot…and you’ll never stop because you know that’s the only way to succeed
  • You can’t imagine doing anything else but managing your own business

We give you the entrepreneurial job and we do everything in our power to see you thrive.  The rest is up to you.  And if your entrepreneurial spirit is anything like ours, we’re 100% sure you’ve found the place to fulfill your career aspirations long term.  Apply to become a management trainee  and, no doubt, you’ll have found the best job for an entrepreneur.

Mission Statement

Hajoca’s Management Training and Development Program, founded in 1997, is a source of external talent for leadership positions.  We hire high-potential people and place them in top-performing locations where they learn from Hajoca’s most proven leaders.  While most of our managers are promoted from within, our rapid growth has made it essential to hire new managers in training from outside the company.  Our success driven trainees are prepared for a leadership role at an expedited pace.  They learn how to thrive in our decentralized culture, they acquire comprehensive product knowledge and they master every job function in just three years.  In exchange for their dedication, management trainees get personalized training, financial rewards and career growth.  They also work alongside a dedicated team in a fun environment where their responsibilities are diverse and their actions make measurable contributions to Hajoca’s success.